Care for Your Jewelry in Winter Season

How to Properly Care for Your Jewelry in Winter

Do you want to learn how to care for your jewelry in winter season? Winter is coming! For most people, winter is an active time of the year when they have the time to go on vacations and participate in outdoor activities; like skiing, hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, etc. With all of this activity, you need to give special care to the jewelry you wear. So in preparation for the winter, here are some tips to help keep your jewelry sparkling and ready to wear during the winter season.

Care for Your Jewelry in Winter
  • Remove your jewelry before swimming and strenuous activities: While most people don’t see it as a big deal to have their jewelry on when they go hiking, or during other outdoor activities, it’s a good idea to remove it beforehand. There is a high tendency that any hazard can befall your precious jewelry while you are at whatever outdoor activity, and damaging it in the process.
  • Sweaters: Sweaters are inevitable in the winter as they help you stay warm. However, it is highly pertinent that you know what jewelry you should combine with which sweater. Sometimes, knit fabrics and jewelry do not go well with one another. To be on a safer side, we highly recommend that you always put on your sweater before you put on your jewelry.
  • Cleaning: Make it a habit to always clean your jewelry. Most of the times, all that’s needed for metal jewelry is getting them soaked in warm soapy water, rinsing and drying with a soft towel. For jewelry pieces that can’t be submerged in water such as clay, fashion or gemstone types, you can simply wipe them gently with a damp cloth.

You can prevent sterling silver jewelry tarnish with regular cleaning and by applying an anti-tarnish polish to slow down the formation of tarnish.

  • Safekeeping: It is very important to always keep your jewelry stored properly when not in use. Ensure you either keep your jewels in soft bags that are made of soft non-abrasive materials, or in a jewelry box. This will prevent your jewelry from always getting exposed to the extremely cold weather.

Bottom line

Your jewelry is very important, and should be well taken care of. The winter shouldn’t stop you from wearing those precious jewelry treasures now; simply follow the tips above and you will definitely enjoy your jewelry all winter long.

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