4 Ultimate Gemstone Chakra Healing Benefits for Success

Chakra, a word of Sanskrit origin translated into wheel or disk, encompasses the idea of a turning wheel of energy inside the body where matter and consciousness meet. Any disturbance in this energy balance in the body thereby presents as a noticeable imbalance in a certain part of the body.

Chakra healing bracelets are curated with an assortment of crystals and gems, each meant to contribute to a certain aspect of your chakra such as balance, support, correction, etc. These healing stones come in 7 colors to represent the 7 different chakras; each color represents the chakra that it would heal. Read on to understand each.


Root Chakra

At the base of the spine, this chakra helps your instincts, impulses and sense of security.

Sacral Chakra

Located at the pelvis, this chakra helps with emotions, sexual energy, pride, and your creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra

At the junction of the thorax and the abdomen, this chakra encompasses mental function, digestion, power, intellect, ambition, ego, as well as willpower.

Heart Chakra

Governing compassion, loves, and emotional stability, this chakra is associated with the chest and lungs.

Throat Chakra

Responsible for communication, growth, integrity, and self-expression.

Bro Chakra

Also referred to as the “third eye”, this influences your intuition and perception.

Crown Chakra

Located at the top, this one aid enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, and spiritual awareness.

Now that we have aptly understand the types of chakras, let’s have a look at the ultimate benefits of chakra healing.


Cleansing and Purification

Chakra healing bracelets are excellent for releasing positive energy wherever you go. These bracelets cleanse your aura as well as your immediate surroundings by drawing in all the negativity that surrounds you. By emitting positive energy, these bracelets thus enable you to feel more optimistic and refreshed by purifying your senses.

Balance and Stability

Each gemstone is aimed towards influencing a certain type of chakra. The stone’s frequency must resonate with that of its specific chakra and must invoke a calming effect. This calming effect releases any anxiety or distress in your mind and soul. The resultant is a more stable and balanced mood and an accompanying calming aura that will help you fight your battles with the utmost calm.

Insight and Clarity

For the troubled minds who continuously wish to seek enlightenment will be able to benefit from the spiritual energy that flows from each healing gem or crystal. This healing energy will thus enable you to clear your head and be able to transition your mind into another dimension whilst performing yoga or meditation.

Renewal and Revitalization

Often at time you find yourself stranded in the crossroads of life; when you are met with difficult decisions. Such blocked chakras not only result in a lazy overall attitude but also accompanying negativity that results in a sluggish approach towards achieving your life’s goals. Healing bracelets impede any energy blockages that may be in your path and instead instigate a positive energy flow that will keep you motivated through battling any hindrances that may lie in your path to success.

Chakra healing bracelets can help you in your journey towards achieving success. All you need is a little bit of faith.

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