A Few Artisan Jewelry Designs We Sold in the Past


We have been creating many different types of handmade goods but the ones we create most often are artisan jewelry designs.

Magik Artz was founded in 2017 and has been creating and experimenting with various forms of artisan crafted goods.

Here are a few images from our earlier days. This gallery features past artisan jewelry designs we made.

Let us know what you think of our gallery of designs and feel free to share your own by clicking the “Fun” link in the main menu of this site.

Our first bracelet sale on Etsy. We were so excited! Our first review was 5 stars and we still get good reviews. 

Truly unique talon grasping gemstone ball pendant with crystals necklace

This is a bigger and more complex style of necklace with gold chains, pearls, crystals and druzy focal pendant. 

This is our second bracelet sale. It received 5 stars and we really enjoyed making this design. 

These little skull tassel earrings sold right away. Our design made it look like little skull heads with a dress. Haha. 

This is another skull design but with crystals and matte clear spikes and features a lot of red color. 

This pair of earrings was inspired by the style of designer Betsey Johnson. I love her style! These were called "Betty" earrings. 

What do you think?

Written by magikartzco

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