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Easy Bath Bomb Recipe & Tutorial

All-Natural Easy Bath Bomb Recipe for Fun & Relaxation

Bath bombs are the latest rage and for good reason. There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath after a long, stressful day. Bath bombs consist of aromatic fragrances and soothing skincare ingredients that burst into vibrant colors and fizzle in your bathtub. They make for excellent gifts as well as a personal indulgence.

This easy bath bomb recipe should be enough to make roughly 12 medium-sized bath bombs, but molds vary in size and your mileage may vary.

easy bath bomb recipe


  • Time: 10-minute preparation. (Allow 4 hours to harden in the mold)
  • Cost: Varies depending on the ingredients used. This recipe runs about  $2 per bath bomb if made in a batch of 1 dozen. Biodegradable glitter/dried flower petals are optional and will slightly increase the price per bath bomb.
  • Difficulty: Easy

Tools & Materials

easy bath bomb recipe


  1. Using this bath bomb tutorial, start by mixing dry ingredients (baking soda, Epsom salt, corn starch, and citric acid) together in a large bowl. Take your time with this step, as it is crucial to blend all ingredients evenly to avoid clumping.
  2. Mix your liquid ingredients in a separate bowl. An optimal amount of essential oils is 2 teaspoons. Spruce up your mixture with cinnamon, cocoa, and peppermint for the winter season. For a relaxing mixture to ignite the senses, try a eucalyptus and lavender mix or a sweet vanilla extract. Experiment with scents to satisfy your craving. The options are limitless. Be creative with the colors, but it is suggested to stick with a similar hue as not to muddy your bathwater. 4 to 6 drops of food coloring are recommended.
  3. Add your liquid mixture to the dry mixture one teaspoon at a time. Whisk slowly to avoid fizzing during preparation. Your finished consistency should be that of wet sand.
  4. Carefully and rapidly add your bath bomb mixture to your mold to avoid premature drying. Lastly, press the mixture into your mold.
  5. Allow 4 hours for the mixture to dry. If your mold is of an intricate design, please allow a full 24 hours to dry.
  6. It’s now time to relax in a hot bath. Just drop your fresh bath bomb in the tub and watch it do its magic.

easy bath bomb recipe

Please let us know if this easy bath bomb recipe worked for you in the comments!

Written by Brandon Penalacia, co-creator at Magik Artz

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