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Handmade Beaded Tassel Jewelry: Simple but Amazing

Handmade Beaded Tassel Jewelry Trends and Places to Find the Best Tassel Jewelry for a Great Price

Tassels are popularly known to be used for curtains, but those days are over. Fashion is improving every day and new trends are coming into the big picture faster than the speed of light. These days, tassels are used for crafting of jewelry, and I tell you, they are unique and beautiful pieces.

These tassels are nowadays being used for many different kinds of jewelry, and the jewelry that is made with tassels hanging from them will dangle from your necklace, around your neck so as to give you, the wearer, a more sophisticated look.

With tassels, there’s been production of all kinds of jewelry: like bracelets, charms, earrings and do you know they look so feminine? They definitely do! This kind of jewelry seems to bring out the most gorgeous look on the person wearing it; that person could be you, you know?

Tassel necklaces are just amazing to try on!

There are many types of these necklaces in the market. The most common ones being:

  • Beaded: They are one of the most common necklaces in the market and are made from different materials. One of the major materials is leather swatch. There are other units that have a leather ribbon. The cool thing with a leather ribbon is that it looks more elegant than the leather swatch.

In addition to the ribbon, the beaded jewelry will also have beads. Different units come with different types of beads. For example, there are those with beads of the same color while others have beads of many colors. You should note that the beads are of different shapes and designs. You should choose jewelry with the beads that look great on you.

Tassel bracelets are even more beautiful!

The bracelets made with tassels have such beauty on their own; they would just take your breath away as the tassels would twist and twirl as it moves around your wrist while you wear it. 

For the cooler weather, this kind of jewelry would be a perfect piece of jewelry for you to acquire for your winter wardrobe.

In the warmer weather, tassels are also very hip and trendy. There are a lot of styles to choose from in so many different colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and materials. 

Be sure to add the tassel look in jewelry to your collection, you’ll be glad you did. Why don’t you take a look at our tassel jewelry collection? You’ll definitely find ones that suit you at Magik Artz. We are always adding new tassel jewelry as well as geodes, gems, artisan jewelry, and other jewel-related items.  If you ever see in our shop that our tassel jewelry is sold out or out of stock, keep in mind we will add more shortly so check back often! You can also visit our Contact page to request a custom order.

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