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Home Decor with Trendy Geodes

Learn how to Upgrade your Home Décor with Trendy Geodes Crystals

The modern concept of design and décor has been revolutionized through the introduction of geodes. Agates and a number of other geodes have managed to work their way into the world of interior design like no other. Their attractive looks and intricate detail are some of the many reasons that geodes are considered a popular choice for home decoration. Let’s take a look at some simple tips on how you can decorate your home with geodes in a manner like never before.

Lighting and lamps

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Adding the perfect touch of glow to your room can be achieved using geodes to keep a minimalistic yet subtle and chic approach. The ultimate showstopper can be incorporated via the use of a geode lamp or lighting. Some unique examples to consider include exquisite chandeliers with agate attachments or a lamp having a neutral lampshade and geode base.


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What better way of utilizing the glory of geodes in home décor than by using them as accessories for your room. To achieve a boho chic appeal in your area, using an amethyst candle holder can set the right tone for your room’s design. To achieve a gorgeous look, changing your rooms’ door knobs with gilded geode ones is a decision we guarantee you won’t regret. You can even turn ordinary coasters into stunning agate slice coasters by yourself and pair them up with matching serving plates. Geodes can also simply be used on their own as display pieces on shelves.


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Artwork and paintings work to alter the mood, design and appeal of an area all together. You can make artwork yourself as a DIY project and hang it on the wall or better yet buy an artwork whose design medium consists of geodes or agate. Frame it or hang it on the wall, the choice is totally up to you.


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There’s only one thing that comes to mind when you think of geode related furniture and that word is eye-catching to say the least. From coffee tables to dining tables, the number of stunning possibilities through which furniture can be accentuated using geodes is unbelievable. Common examples include jaw dropping side tables with a glass top and amethyst geode base or a striking blue table made of agate and a glided frame.

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