Gemstone Chakra Healing Benefits

4 Ultimate Gemstone Chakra Healing Benefits for Success

Follow my blog with Bloglovin 4 Ultimate Gemstone Chakra Healing Benefits for Success Learn all about Gemstone Chakra Healing Benefits. Chakra, a word of Sanskrit origin translated into wheel or disk, encompasses the idea of a turning wheel of energy inside the body where matter and consciousness meet. Any disturbance in this energy balance in the body thereby presents as a noticeable imbalance in a certain part of the body. Chakra healing bracelets are curated with an assortment of crystals and gems, each meant to contribute to a certain aspect of your chakra such as balance, support, correction, etc. These healing stones come in 7 colors to represent the 7 different chakras; each color represents the chakra that it would heal. […]

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New to BlogLovin App

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I am new to BlogLovin. Do you use it? If so, let’s connect and share posts and likes. My name is Kaitlyn Millet. My username is KaitlynBethM on BlogLovin app/site. I would really like to connect with other creative people. There are so many talented people in this world. I am humbled to their artistic skill and want to increase my own. Thanks for being a subscriber and please take a lot at our designs on this site.       There are 3 ways to shop with Magik Artz: And on Amazon Handmade and Facebook/Instagram. Thanks for your support, my friends!      

Custom Handmade Jewelry for that Unique Gift

Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the popularity of handmade gifts. One of the best ways to make a person feel special is by presenting them with custom handmade jewelry. Why should you consider choosing custom handmade jewelry? What makes these gifts so precious to the receiver? Think about it: if you were presented with a unique and beautiful piece of art, would you not feel special?It used to be quite hard to find a shop with handmade jewelry that could be used as gifts. Thanks to the Internet you can now obtain these beautiful custom handmade jewelry from around the globe. Why custom handmade gifts are the best  They are unique: Handmade jewelry often appears in only a few similar pieces, […]

How to Wear Bold Colorful Jewelry

My view on how to wear bold colorful jewelry: If you’re looking for ways to enhance your outfit or add a new dimension to your current wardrobe, opting to wear bold colorful jewelry is definitely the way to go. Jewelry that is bold, striking and colorful sends out a powerful statement. It’s all about knowing what to wear and when to wear it if you want to grab attention for all the right reasons.  MagikArtz has got you covered with some beautiful, intricate yet affordable statement jewelry pieces. Let’s take a look at how you can wear bold colorful jewelry to set trends like never before. Less is always more Sometimes the saying less is more goes a long way when […]

Trendy Tassel Jewelry on Sale

Flitter Flutter Tassel Jewelry Trend Apart from appearing on handbags and shoes, tassels carry on conquering new territories on the fall 2016 runways shaping up another enlivening jewelry trend we are so impatient to embrace soon. The widest scale tassel purveyors appeared to be Dsquared2 and Elie Saab, the former with its playful droplet tasseled earrings, while the latter with its rope leather necklaces with tassel ends undulating hilariously, not to tell about that tasseled deluge on a range of lace dresses. Don’t miss other tasseled jewelry samples at Gucci, Tory Burch, Antonio Marras, Tod’s and Marchesa My Tassel Jewelry Products in this online shop: Teal Tassel Pink Bead Bracelet Royal Blue Tassel Neon Roses BraceletEmerald Green Tassel Bracleet with […]

Handmade Goods Blog

Hello world! Welcome to Magik Artz Handmade Goods shop and blog! For Sale by our Creative Team (MAGIK ARTZ) : Bold and beautiful handcrafted artisan jewelry for sale Jeweled and glittered artwork for sale Mini colorful 4 X 4 canvas artwork for sale Bold Statement Jewelry Gemstone Jewelry designs Gold and Silver plated artisan jewelry Macrame Plant Hangers Bath Bombs and Soaps Essential Oils and Perfumes Clay Jewelry and Decor Handcrafted unique gifts Macrame Plant and Candle Hangers Mardi Gras & New Orleans Style Gifts Creatively Written Blog Articles by our Team (MAGIK ARTZ) : Birthstone Blog Articles Gemstone Meaning Articles Geode Blog Posts Spiritual Articles Trend Reports Home Decor Ideas Styling Ideas Identifying Gemstones Blog Posts Famous Painters Articles Inspirational Quotes […]