Organic Body Butters for Luxury Beauty & Skin Care

Organic Body Butters

Body Butters for Aromatherapy & Beautiful Skin

So you might be wondering, What is Body Butter? 

Organic body butters are intense and long-lasting moisturizers. They aid you in keeping your skin totally hydrated and nourished throughout the day you use them. These body butters are crafted in smaller batches and given a personal touch. They are for those who want to support handmade beauty and artisan gifts businesses. Plus, those who buy body butters from sellers on places like Etsy or Amazon, are choosing a very unique and one of a kind design, especially if customized.


Organic Body Butters


How to Use Organic Body Butters

There should be no need to reapply body butter on the same day you already applied it as it is not necessary. This is because it is so intense in nourishment and moisture.

Unlike creams and lotions, true body butter will only contain butters and oils, and essential or fragrance oils. They can also be customized to include such things as cosmetic grade glitter, skin safe scent, and color, etc.

The ingredients are chosen according to their beneficial properties e.g. emollient (leave the skin feeling soft), anti-oxidant (regenerative and, thus, reducing the signs of aging)


So now you know more about organic body butters. Check out our luxurious organic scented body butters in our shop.


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