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Tips on How to Wear Statement Jewelry

Our statement jewelry designs are an exceptional way to express yourself with color and sparkle. They add a lot of bold drama to an outfit: from informal to dressy.

But do you realize the way to wear and select statement jewelry designs to show your fashionable best?

We will tell you how to show your best style and find the best options for statement jewelry.

statement Jewelry

You are in good fortune due to the fact we will assist you to figure all of it out. So here are our thoughts on statement jewelry:

Statement jewelry designs are exquisite to put on with a totally simple – even boring – outfit. They’ll draw interest and add your personal specific touch of style. You will truly get positive attention from the crowd.


Very informal apparel often works magic with bold styles of jewelry designs. You would possibly decide to pair a statement necklace and a vibrant ring with a simple blouse and jeans. This styling will dress them up and create a surprising element.


But of course, extra dressy or formal clothing will even suit you very well. Try a darling minimal little black dress with a bold captivating pendant. This outfit is completely fashionable. It additionally will require a very chic and simple look to make the best statement with your style.


Also, do not forget the kind of neckline and necklace length you want to put on. Statement jewelry may be worn higher and closer to your neck against your skin. Maybe it could be peeking out from a partially open blouse. Alternatively, you could put on longer pendants over more plain or minimalist apparel.

statement Jewelry

You may additionally keep in mind layering pendants of various sizes. This beautifully helps to display a whole lot of intriguing details. It also adds sparkle to your appearance.

Of course rings and earrings work very well too. You can put on matched designs or mix and match with plenty of pieces.


Our statement jewelry designs are all crafted from top notch valuable gemstones, crystals and metals. They shine with sparkling details and highlights.

They aren’t so bold as to be overwhelming, however every unique design has beautiful details with a purpose. Our goal is to make the wearer feel confident, elegant and beautiful.


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